July 23, 2016

Location:Jefferson County Fairgrounds, Jefferson, WI


A. Meeting was called to order by Youth Advisor, Katie Gilbertson.

B.Introduction of New Members -None

C.Roll Call- Present: Erica Day, Chloe Fisher, Catherine Goffard, Emma Goffard, Grace Haugstad, Kloie Huffman-Heins, Kylin Korb, Jenna Protheroe, Excused: Gia Pozzi

D.Old/Unfinished Business

a.Volunteer/Community Service-  Thank you to those that brought in items for the pet supply drive. Chloe Fisher will be taking those items received from the drive to her local shelter.

b. 2016 Fundraisers/Fun Ideas

Ø  Logo Wear-. Order forms & clothing samples were available at the show. Orders will be completed & to be picked up at the futurity show in September.

Ø  July Show- A dog race was completed with only 3 dogs but those 3 dogs. Skylar secured donations for the winners. Snow cone sale also were done. $2 each with a profit of $15 from each. ($55 donations - $40 rental/supplies)

Ø  Futurity- Bribe your horse & leadless showmanship will be done on Friday night again just like last year. The prizes for the top 3 winners in leadless showmanship will receive embroidered halters donated by Valley Vet. A “celebrity” judge will be secured for the judging of this class. Tables are needed for the silent auction items as the club gets charged for everything that is used at the facility. If anyone is interested in bringing a table, please let Katie know.  

E.New Business

a. Erica Day- Fundraiser- Erica is working on 2017 WjPHC calendars with the youth pictures in it that will be sold at the banquet in January. The calendars will start with the month February. The plan is to order 50 and charge $10 a piece. Erica is working on securing sponsors for the front cover of the calendar which will cover the fees. Pictures are due to Erica by 9/1 in jpeg format. Please email to her at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

F.Meeting Adjourned




Jennifer Disch is resigning as WPHC Financial Officer as of December 31, 2016. Youth Advisor Katie Gilbertson will be taking over these responsibilities.  A new Youth Advisor will be needed for 2017.