11/12/16 WPHC Board & General Membership Meeting Minutes

11/12/16 WPHC Board & General Membership Meeting Minutes  


Attendance: Amy Frank, Karen O’Brien, Cindy McGinnis, Julie Aldrich, Sandi Lamrouex, Katie Gilbertson, Kathy Hembrook, Jennifer Disch, Bob & Pat Ross, Maria Maruna, Lisa Miller-Day, Raquel Engelke-Korb, Kylin Korb, Stephanie Day, Sharon Pierce, Ann Wilson, Allie Aldrich, Tina Berra, Barb Brunner 

Call to Order: The meeting was called to order at 6:31pm by President Barb Brunner at Capn’s Roadhouse in Ft. Atkinson, WI.

Secretary’s Report: Presented by Amy Frank.  Motion to approve by Cindy McGinnis & seconded by Raquel Engelke-Korb.  Motion approved.

Treasurer’s Report: Presented by Jennifer Disch.  There is $19,270 not accounted for on the report.  Jennifer will email the board with the updated report. Motion to approve by Pat Ross & seconded by Cindy McGinnis.  Motion approved.

Youth Report: Presented by Katie Gilbertson. Raquel Engelke-Korb & Joy Fisher have volunteered to take over the youth advisor position.    

Old Business:


-Sandi Lamrouex reported that we will fulfill the SSA yearling thru 3 yr old classes this year.   

-Discussion was had about the possibility of adding 2-3 stakes or jackpot classes for 2017.

-The board would like more member input & will bring up at the January meeting before deciding to table it for 2017 & revisit for 2018.

*Club Directory

-Sandi Lamrouex will continue with the same size & format as last years.

-Advertising is needed.


Karen O’Brien reported the following:

-Will be held on January 7th at Bowl-A-Vard Lanes in Madison, WI.

-The room will be larger & still at last year’s reservation rate of $200.

-The membership chose to have a sit down dinner this year with sheet cakes again for dessert. 

*2017 Show Season

-It will be brought up before the general membership in January to make a decision on approving the May 13th & 14th show in Winona, MN & the Zone show for WI points.   

New Business:

*Elections: Jennifer Disch, Rachel Goffard & Mary Reid were voted on as board of directors.  Barb appointed Karen O’Brien to complete Katie Gilbertson’s term.

 *Club Bylaws

-The board voted on the proposed changes that Pat Ross discussed at the January 2016 General Membership Meeting which     involved changing Article 5 Section 2 to a 15 day meeting notification & including website & email.  Changes to Article 6 Section 3 to include website & email notification.  Motion to approve by Cindy McGinnis & seconded by Bob Ross.  Motion approved.

-Pat presented a proposed change to Article 3 Section 1 to clarify “Each director be at least nineteen (19) years of age & be a    member in good standing of the WPHC for at least the twelve (12) months immediately preceding the election.”  Voting on this change will be held at the January 2017 General Membership Meeting.   

*Scholarship: Pat Ross received an application from a Josephine Zimmerman but the club has no record of her being a member.  Pat asked the membership if anyone knows her but was unsuccessful in identifying her.  She will be sent a letter stating her ineligibility.

*National Directors: Wisconsin directors are Barb Brunner, Cindy McGinnis & Nell Tekampe.  Brittany Disch is a JR director.  Convention will be in February 2017.

*APHA Rule Changes: Cindy McGinnis discussed the following proposed rule changes:

-Yearlings ineligible to show in longeline prior to May 1st.

-2yr olds ineligible to show under saddle prior to May 15th.

-Regional club offers will be required to be APHA members.

-Open Performance Halter-horses over 1yr old & older have to compete in 1 performance class at that show to be eligible to show in this class.

-Amateur Division-looking to discontinue Classic & just have 19 & Over & Masters (45 & Over).  Amateur’s can show in both divisions as long as its on 2 different horses. 

*Welcome Committee: Julie Aldrich feels that the club needs to do a better job of recognizing new members & following up with them.  She will head up this committee.

*Membership Fee: It was proposed that the membership fees be changed to $20 Single & $30 Family without having to pay additional for youth or amateur memberships.  Motion to approve by Julie Aldrich & seconded by Cindy McGinnis.  Motion approved.   Pat Ross will check the bylaws to see if anything needs updating regarding memberships.

*High Point Rules: Cindy McGinnis presented changes to the rules & would like them to be discussed at the January meeting.  Changes would include:

-Membership wording.

-Adding a WT Rookie Award.

-Adding an Amateur WT  High Point Award.

-Clarifying the rules for JR & SR horse awards.

Adjourn: Meeting adjourned at 8:37pm by President Barb Brunner.  Motion to approve by Sandi Lamrouex & seconded by Allie Aldrich.  Motion approved. 

Respectfully submitted,

Amy Frank

WPHC Secretary


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